Pre-employment Assessments

Suremploy specializes in tailored POET/pre-employment medical assessments for senior care institutions. Our expertise gives healthcare providers and senior care homes the assurance they need when recruiting staff to care for the most vulnerable members of our community. With a focus on both physical and mental aptitude, our Advanced Risk Profiler (ARP) is the backbone of our assessment process.

Built from insights gained through over 150,000 evaluations, the ARP provides a detailed understanding of a candidate's suitability to work in senior care settings. This data-driven approach is pivotal for assessing vital skills such as patience, empathy, and physical endurance.

Uniquely crafted for pre-employment evaluations, the ARP's psychometric component dives into essential attributes like resilience, empathy, adherence to safe work protocols, and a predisposition towards non-aggression. Each candidate's results are measured against benchmarks specific to roles in senior care, providing a comparative insight that's indispensable.

It's vital to mention that while the ARP sheds light on a candidate's mental capabilities, it isn't a diagnostic tool for mental illnesses. Instead, it gauges a candidate's capacity to fulfill job responsibilities effectively and compassionately in a senior care environment.

With Suremploy, senior care institutions are empowered with an exhaustive pre-employment screening method that instills confidence in recruitment decisions. Our commitment is to assist organizations in fostering a safe, nurturing, and efficient work environment. Partner with Suremploy to ensure that you onboard staff who are not only physically fit but also emotionally equipped to cater to our elderly with utmost care and respect.