Global Functional Inventory

As care providers in the senior care sector, your reputation and the well-being of your residents hinge on the capabilities and mental fitness of your staff. Mental function encompasses essential qualities such as resilience, empathy, adherence to safety protocols, and non-aggression. Every individual, regardless of their background, should exhibit these traits to excel in senior care.

The Global Functional Inventory (GFI) is our gold-standard psychometric assessment tool, designed to gauge these crucial mental functions. By delivering a clear, unbiased evaluation of potential hires, the GFI empowers care providers with the insights they need to build a team that not only cares but excels.

Drawing inspiration from industries that prioritize safety and precision, the GFI incorporates assessment strategies employed by airlines, law enforcement, and elite armed forces around the world. The result is a tool that minimizes recruitment overheads while maximizing the quality of your hires and enhancing the overall care experience.


While mental illnesses are medical conditions with specific symptoms, our GFI doesn't diagnose them. Instead, it focuses on understanding and assessing the qualities necessary for effective caregiving.

Recent data from our GFI applications highlights its efficacy: Of 350 applicants with declared mental illnesses, an astounding 93% were found to possess the functional attributes needed to succeed in senior care roles. This clarity not only aids in selecting the right talent but also helps care providers uphold their commitment to non-discrimination.

In the realm of senior care, every hiring decision counts. Equip your organization with the GFI — a scientifically grounded tool that ensures you're always bringing on board individuals who are both mentally fit and passionate about delivering outstanding care.

Remember: Without testing, you're in the dark. Illuminate your recruitment process with the GFI and ensure the safety and happiness of your residents and staff.